Crinkle Cuts & Queso with Bacon & Jalapenos – 6.5
Cheese Plate – 14
Baby Back Ribs with Love Slaw – 13
(Love slaw: cabbage, spinach, red onion, love sauce and smoked onion vinaigrette)

The Pressed Pig Jerk Pork, Mortadella, Swiss ,Love Mustard and Pickles on a Toasted Hoagie 12
The Cow Brisket Banh Mi smoked brisket, cucumbers, carrots, cilantro, jalapeños & siracha aioli – 11
The Burger 8 oz Sirloin Bacon & Cheddar with Love – 11
The Vegetable Falafel, toasted mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, picked red onion & love sauce – 10
The Shrimp Chipotle Rosemary Glaze with Blue Cheese, Apple & Honey – 11
The Chicken Szechuan Fried with Sesame Slaw – 10
Served with chips (sub crinkle cuts for 1.50, slaw for 2.00 or a salad for 3.00)

Char Su Salmon Beet Slaw (Cabage, carrots, beet, spinach, red onion, miso mayo and samball) and Shanghai Potato Crisps – 12
The Salad Spinach, Romain, Fresh Veggies, Seeds, Fruits and Queso Fresca w/ Choice of Smoked Onion Vinaigrette, Strawberry Vinaigrette or Smoked Tomato Ranch 9

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